Winter Shelter PDF 2016/17

King County 2-1-1 has updated its printable winter shelter resource list for 2016/17, and it is available for download HERE(click the word “here”).

The pdf lists the shelters that are opened just for the cold weather months and it will be updated throughout the winter. There are many additional shelter options, and those are best accessed by calling 2-1-1.

If you’re going to bookmark a page, bookmark this blog post.  Don’t bookmark the .pdf address because that will change with every pdf update, and this address will remain the same all winter.

Still not sure which address to bookmark?  Bookmark the one you see in your address bar.  It looks like this:

We’d like to emphasize that the location, hours, etc of these shelters change often, so if you print these and pass them out to clients please pass on the fact that these go out of date very quickly.  However since we’re 2-1-1, we update them as soon as we can after we receive any updates.

What is a winter shelter?  It’s a shelter that is open EVERY DAY during the winter season.

Looking for a shelter that only opens on the days that it’s the coldest?  That’s called a SEVERE WEATHER SHELTER and can be found on our sidebar, right over…



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