TeamChild Juvenile Record Sealing Clinic Closing

King County Department of Public Defense (DPD) is now accepting all cases of juvenile record sealing, juvenile restitution modifications, and juvenile sex offender registration relief for King County cases. It had previously hosted TeamChild’s Juvenile Record Sealing Clinic for many years.

This means that TeamChild’s King County Juvenile Record Sealing Clinic is officially closed, effective immediately. Starting Monday, March 26, 2018, all emails and phone calls to the record sealing clinic will be forwarded to the TeamChild/King County office. TeamChild will respond to all inquiries that come to the clinic and help make sure each query is addressed and the individual connected appropriately.

TeamChild will still be available for youth (up to age 24) to contact about record sealing eligibility and to assist them in troubleshooting if they are having difficulty accessing DPD. Please refer young people with post-conviction relief questions to TeamChild at (206) 322-2444 ext. 101.

If you know a low-income King County resident who needs assistance with record sealing, restitution modification, and/or juvenile sex offender registration relief, that individual may call DPD’s intake line at (206) 296-7662 to confirm they are eligible for DPD’s services. If they are ineligible for DPD’s services, they may call TeamChild at (206) 322-2444 ext. 101 to see if they are eligible for additional assistance.