Take the King County Metro Transit Fare Survey by May 5th

King County Metro is conducting an online survey in order to develop two new fare options and would like to hear what the community thinks! Take the online survey by May 5, 2017.

From the King County website:

Metro’s current adult fare structure is complex. It includes extra charges for travel during weekday peak commute hours and for trips that cross a zone boundary during those peak hours. This can confuse riders, slow down boarding, and lead to fare disputes that jeopardize driver safety. Our fare structure is also different from those of other transit agencies that use the ORCA fare card system.

For these reasons, Metro is exploring options to simplify our fare structure and make it consistent with other agencies. While this process may lead to fare changes, it is also possible that the current Metro fare structure will not be changed. Our goal is to make transit more accessible for everyone.

About 4,500 people took our first survey. We learned that customers support changing Metro’s fare structure. One-third of all respondents want fares that are easier to use and understand. Bus drivers told us simpler fares would speed up boarding and travel time, and would help keep drivers and passengers safe by reducing fare disputes. We also heard that we should consider the increasing number of people living outside the Seattle zone boundary, in suburbs where housing is more affordable. View the first survey results.

We used this feedback to develop two new fare options. We tried to balance several goals: simplify our fare structure, increase ridership, improve safety, decrease travel time, reflect the cost of service, and reduce barriers to using transit for vulnerable populations.

Now we’re asking for public feedback on the two adult fare options:

  • A single adult fare of $2.75, good any time for any distance
  • A peak-period adult fare of $3.00 and an off-peak adult fare of $2.50, with no extra charge for two-zone travel.

No fare changes for youth, senior, disabled, ORCA LIFT, or Access are being considered.

With either option, Metro is planning or already taking actions to make ORCA and transit more accessible and affordable for vulnerable populations.

We invite you to complete this questionnaire.

If you need this survey in a different format, please contact DeAnna Martin, community relations planner, at 206-477-3835 or deanna.martin@kingcounty.gov.