King County Housing Authority to Open Housing Voucher Lottery

King County Housing Authority has confirmed its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher lottery will open April 5-April 18, 2017. Only electronically submitted applications will be accepted. More information will be available closer to the opening date on Resource Talk and on the KCHA website.

The Seattle Housing Authority’s voucher program is currently open through Feb. 24, 2017.

Section 8 vouchers help people with low incomes rent homes on the private market. With a voucher, renters pay at least 28 percent, but not more than 40 percent (in the first year), of their household income for rent and utilities. KCHA pays the difference between the voucher holder’s portion of the rent and the amount the landlord requests.

Those who qualify for a voucher can use it to rent in King County (not including incorporated areas of Seattle or Renton) from any landlord willing to take part in the program. Those who have had a voucher for at least a year may use it to rent anywhere in the United States.

To be eligible, King County residents must:

  • Meet one of KCHA’s housing selection preferences. You must be homeless, live in substandard-condition housing, pay more than 50 percent of your household income on rent and utilities, or have household income at or below 30 percent of AMI for your family size (see chart above).
  • Have at least one family member under the age of 18, elderly or disabled.  Single, non-disabled adults younger than age 62 do not qualify.
  • Be citizens — or non-citizens with eligible immigration status.
  • Not currently live in subsidized housing.
  • Not have a criminal record that KCHA believes could affect the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants or its employees.