Housing & Essential Needs Program Expanded

People receiving ABD (Aged, Blind, and Disabled) benefits through DSHS may now be eligible for the King County Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) Program. DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) qualifies people for HEN; Catholic Community Services provides these services to King County eligible participants.
What is the registration process?
Call (206) 328-5755 to be scheduled for the next available intake appointment. Intake Line Hours: M-W, 9am-4pm. Th F, 9am-3pm. Appointments will be scheduled first-come first-served depending on funding availability. At the intake appointment, the HEN caseworker will verify eligibility. Eligible applicants may receive essential needs supplies and transportation assistance immediately. Rental assistance may be available as soon as acceptable housing and housing paperwork are in place.
Who qualifies?
DSHS determines eligibility for ABD and HEN:
  • Must be deemed incapacitated by DSHS AND
  • Have no income OR
  • Participate in the ABD (Aged, Blind and Disabled) program

Earned income and assets will be evaluated by DSHS to determine if resources do not exceed income level guidelines.
Certain government income programs are not eligible (such as SSI, SSDI and TANF).
Once approved by DSHS, services are prioritized to those experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing housing.

What are the benefits of HEN?
  • Transportation Assistance (gas card or ORCA LIFT bus pass)
  • Essential Needs (hygienic and cleaning supplies once per month)
  • Ongoing Rent Assistance (most housing situations qualify)
I used to receive HEN but got taken off, do I qualify?
Those removed from HEN because DSHS switched them to the ABD program may qualify to start receiving HEN benefits again.
Those denied HEN because their disability is related to a substance use disorder may now qualify for HEN.