Hope & Power Financial Literacy

The Jennifer Beach Foundation is currently registering participants for a series of financial literacy courses for survivors of domestic violence called Hope & Power.

Hope & Power is a class designed to help build confidence and self-esteem, and to help women who have experienced an abusive relationship better manage their financial resources. Participants cover a variety of course topics, including

  • Safety and Finances
  • Basic Banking/ Checking accounts
  • Taking a Financial Inventory
  • Setting & Meeting Financial Goals
  • Budgeting Your Money
  • How to Get and Read your Credit Report
  • Improving Your Credit
  • Financial Aid for School

The class is intended to help participants get a better understanding of their personal finances and build confidence in their ability to better manage other areas of their lives.

Hope & Power classes are free and meet for three hours weekly for 10 weeks. Childcare and transportation assistance is provided. Classes are held at a safe, secure, confidential location. For more information or to register please contact The Jennifer Beach Foundation at (253) 833-5366 or email info@jnbfoundation.org.