Hepatitis Education Program Now Offers Needle Exchange

The Hepatitis Education Program (HEP) now offers a free needle exchange program at their primary Seattle clinic, located at 1621 S. Jackson St. suite 201. Available on Thursdays from 1pm to 5pm, the Syringe Services Program offers up to 100 new needles for clients each week, new rigs, hepatitis C testing and Narcan (Naloxone). All services are free of cost and are available confidentially.

Confidential, client focused, harm reduction services, such as the Hepatitis Education Program and the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance have been demonstrated to decrease the likelihood of fatal overdose for opioid users and dramatically curb the spread of blood-borne viral infections such as HIV and Hepatitis. Given then recent rise in intravenous drug use in the United States and the growth opioid dependency, safe access to clean needles and effective risk education is a critical part of public health services here in King County and through out the country.

As a harm reduction service, the Hepatitis Education Project offers needles and syringes to clients even if they don’t have any dirty needles to exchange, and offer safe disposal of used sharps. Other needle exchange programs in King County can be found here.

The Hepatitis Education Program offers several additional services at their walk-in clinic, including assistance applying for Washington Apple Health, hepatitis A/B vaccines, and information and referral for healthcare services.