Call New Hotline to Report Immigration Activity

The Immigrant Solidarity Network has launched a new phone hotline to report activity across the state: (844) RAID-REP (844-724-3737).
The hotline will allow people to report situations in which community members have been detained by immigration agents anywhere in Washington daily between 6am-9pm.
The hotline will allow people to report when loved ones or friends have been detained by immigration agents or other instances
of problematic behavior conduct by immigration officials. When someone calls the hotline, volunteers will ask questions about the incident to collect as much details as possible. Including, what did the agents uniforms look like? What markings were on the vehicles? Callers will also be provided with information regarding resources available for those individuals detained by ICE or Border Patrol agents.
Organizations across the state have joined the network to collaborate on these efforts.
The hotline is one of the many rapid response tools that the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is developing. Other resources, rolling out soon, include a text message alert system, a phone app, and on the ground trainings for community preparedness and rapid response.