2-1-1 Resources Page Updated

King County 2-1-1 has revamped its online resource links page with hyperlinks to the new version of its online database, and a ZIP code tool to sort resources by location built into the page. The topics on the page are based on things people call 2-1-1 about as well as searches that were already popular on the online database, such as food, shelter and financial assistance. We also included topics that were useful in our former Where to Turn directory – categories of services for older adults, veterans and people with disabilities.

Many people find our page just by doing searches on the web, but social workers can also use this page to help their clients find resources. Additionally, we have created a couple of widgets for agencies to put on their own websites for those who visit their website who may be looking for additional community resources. Once implemented, users just have to click on the box to be taken to the King County 2-1-1 community resources page.


Here is the html code for the first box –

<a href=”http://crisisclinic.org/education/2-1-1-community-resources/“><img

src=”http://resourcetalk.crisisclinic.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/RC-logo-1.jpg” /></a>


And here is the html code for the second box –

<a href=”http://crisisclinic.org/education/2-1-1-community-resources/“><img

src=”http://resourcetalk.crisisclinic.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/RC-logo-2.jpg” /></a>


The old website is still available by clicking the left hand box here, but the new online database has many new exciting features that are worth trying out:

  • Mobile Ready – Viewing the site from your mobile phone or tablet? The site now will automatically fit your screen and offer useful features. Find a search result you want to call? Just click the phone number and your phone will prepare to dial for you. Need directions to the food bank you found? Click Directions and your mobile device will load the address into your navigation app.
  • Location Aware – With your permission, the site utilizes your browsers built-in functionality to find your location and provide just the results you need for your location. You can always find a location by typing an address, city, or zip code in the Location field and select the location you wish to search.
  • Filters – What if you want to find a food bank open on Friday, or a clinic that takes Apple Health insurance? Just select a filter on the left-hand side of the search results page and your results will be narrowed down to just the results you need.
  • Map View – The new database utilizes the Google Maps. See where your resources are and search by map starting with your closest matches first.
  • Need Directions? – The map and search results pages provide an easy link that will open Google Maps on your desktop or your Navigation app on your mobile device to help you get directions and navigate to your service with the click of a button.
  • Compare and Save – What is the difference between one program and another? Does a program serve a special group, is it open on different days, are some programs open in the mornings? Find out by checking up to 5 results and compare. If you create an account, you can also create and save your favorite resources and searches.
  • Print and Export – You can now get a copy of 2-1-1’s resources information by PDF, email, save your results as an excel spreadsheet, or print you searches right to your printer.
  • Sort Options – Want to see the results closest to your location? Select the sort option Sort by Distance. Want to see your results in Alphabetical order? You can sort that way too.
  • Related Searches – Sometimes there may not be any resources in your area meeting your particular need, perhaps your search is too specific, or for other reasons you may have not found what you are need. The search engine now offers a few suggestions of related searches or spelling corrections. If you still can’t find what you need call 2-1-1, we are here to help!
  • Translate – The site allows the use of the Google Translate widget to allow users to read results in one of dozens of available languages. Accuracy of translation is not guaranteed.
  • Share to Facebook or Twitter – Find something really great that you want to share? Click the Facebook or Twitter link at the bottom of the page and you can share your current page online!

Have any ideas for additional hyperlinks or questions about the widgets? Email us at resourcecenter@crisisclinic.org and let us know!