100 Days to Reduce Youth Homelessness

Earlier this year, communities in King, Pierce and Spokane counties came together in an unprecedented effort to improve the lives of youth and young adults too often forgotten in our state.The goal: to spend 100 days accelerating and rethinking efforts to support youth and young adults who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.
While these 100-Day Challenges stably housed 615 young people—an impressive accomplishment in its own right—the work will continue to deliver results, thanks to the lessons learned through the hard work of these communities. Over the summer, 100-Day Challenge teams focused on reaching, engaging, and supporting young people who face some of the toughest barriers—and they made phenomenal progress. This report provides a look at that progress, how it was achieved, and what can be done to sustain it.
It also captures the incredible hard work—on top of their existing workloads—of the 100-day team members, and their recommendations going forward. We believe it will serve as a compass for future work in Washington state and across the nation.
Access the report here.