How to get a Replacement EBT Card

As of Oct. 1, 2012, the DSHS Community Services Offices in Washington state are no longer issuing replacement EBT Quest cards on site. If clients lose or damage their card, they need to call JP Morgan at (888) 328-9271 to request that a replacement be mailed, or they can walk in to the CSO to request that a replacement card be mailed to their address.

Are there any instances in which the local office will issue a replacement locally?
Yes.  Clients meeting the following criteria may receive a replacement card in the office:

  • Has a general delivery address
  • Resides in a domestic violence shelter
  • The CSO made a mistake causing the card to be mailed to an incorrect address
  • The client’s card was destroyed in a natural disaster
  • JP Morgan Chase received the mailed card back via return mail
  • Case is closed and benefits remain on the account

Does this apply to issuance of a card for a new case?
No.  Clients who are applying, or reapplying after a break in service, for benefits can still receive an EBT card in the office if they choose.

How does a client contact the EBT vendor and request an EBT card?
A client can call JP Morgan to request that a replacement be mailed: (888) 328-9271, or they can go to the CSO to request that a replacement card be mailed to the address we have on file.

How long does it take the vendor to mail a card once contacted?
The vendor turnaround time is one to two business days.

How can you help clients with this change?
CSD would appreciate your assistance in helping clients understand the change and assisting us in helping clients understand the need to safeguard their EBT card, ensure they have a current and correct address on file with CSD, and explaining the issuance procedures to clients.

What about clients who are experiencing a domestic violence situation?
Clients who are experiencing domestic violence should tell us of their situation so we can address the full scope of their needs as best as possible.  In these cases we want to make sure the client is connected with a domestic violence counselor in their area and will attempt to do that if they contact us.  For applicable cases, we will also need to change their information, to create a separate household and change their address.  This will often involve creating a new case or head of household – thereby creating a “new issuance” situation rather than a replacement card situation. As with any client, we will want to ensure we have a stable mailing address on file.

What about homeless clients who are living outside?
Homeless clients who are living without shelter and have a general delivery address, may continue to receive replacement cards over the counter in an office.  However, homeless clients who also have a mailing address, either through a family member or friend or a community agency, will be required to request a replacement card via mail.  CSD social services staff will be working with clients as they make contact to ensure they have a current and stable mailing address on file.

What about alternate cardholders?
Alternate cardholders as designated by the client must have a local office issuance and this procedure will continue. Clients with repeat instances of losing their card or having their mail compromised may wish to consider an alternate cardholder to help them keep track of their EBT card.

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