Dental Clinics Accepting Medicaid (Washington Apple Health) for Adults

Now that it’s 2014, dental providers can begin billing Medicaid (Washington Apple Health, to us) for adults enrolled in Medicaid, and with the Medicaid expansion that number is more than ever. Adults on Medicaid are eligible to receive restorative and preventative services, complete dentures, resin partials, root canals on anterior teeth, filling cavities and routine checkups and cleanings in addition to emergency services.

Residents of Washington state are generally eligible for Medicaid if they are at 138% of the Federal Poverty Level or below.  Also there is no open enrollment period for Medicaid, so if anyone did not sign up for coverage by the Dec. 23 deadline, it’s still not too late. For more information about enrolling in Medicaid, click here.

Seattle & King County Public Health’s Access and Outreach additionally maintains a list of King County dental clinics that accept Medicaid, and a list of reduced cost denture providers. Call (800) 756-5437 for the most current information or click on the following links to see their most recent brochures: Dental Providers, Denture Providers, Orthodontists, or Pediatric Dentists.

Below is some information about which King County community dental clinics are newly accepting Medicaid. Clients can also use the “find a provider” link maintained by the Health Care Authority, which includes contact information for private dentists as well. However the dentists may not be currently accepting new clients.

Click on the links for location and contact information about the following clinics:

HealthPoint: Six clinics located in south and east King County provide routine and preventive dental care, extractions, fillings, crowns, bridges and root canals. Will bill Medicaid for dental services.

International Community Health Services: Two clinics located in central and south Seattle provide comprehensive oral exams and x-rays, dentures, emergency care, limited root canals, minor oral surgery, regular and deep cleanings, sealants and fluorides, and fillings and crowns. Will bill Medicaid for dental services.

Neighborcare Health: Five clinics around Seattle provide general dentistry, including exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings and extractions,  limited oral surgery as well as limited crown, denture and root canal services. Will bill Medicaid for dental services.

Public Health Centers: Five clinics in King County provide general dental care services. Downtown clinic is for people who are homeless. Public Health dental clinics have limited capacity so presently they are adding new adult clients to the following populations ONLY:

  • Current dental client pregnant women transitioning out of pregnancy coverage
  • Current dental client children turning 19
  • Parents of current dental clients
  • Pregnant women
  • Homeless youth

Sea Mar Community Health Centers: Clinics in South Seattle and Burien offer primary dental care, including consultation, exams, x-rays, scaling, root canals, prophylaxis, fluoride, fillings and extractions. Will bill Medicaid for dental services.

Seattle Indian Health Board: Central Seattle clinic provides dental exams, fillings, oral surgery and extractions, scaling/polishing, limited crowns, bridge work, root canals and oral hygiene care. Will bill Medicaid for dental services; however at this time this clinic serves Native Americans ONLY.

University of Washington – School of Dentistry: Clinics located on the University of Washington campus provide comprehensive dental care for people who meet the educational needs of the school. Dental services are performed by students under the direct supervision of experienced dentists who are faculty members of the School of Dentistry. Services range from fillings, root canals, crowns, implants, complete and partial dentures and more. Will bill Medicaid for dental services.

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